Brief introduction

Original green field investment was established in 1951. under the name Tiszamenti Vegyiművek. In duration the socialist area the plant construction was determined by the communist State and had been financed and coordinated by governmental institutes. Basicly it was a soviet type industrial zone with 10 different chemical industrial production units as SA, fertilizer, washing powder, superphosphate, cryolite, phosphoric acid, etc. have been located on a 100 ha area south from city Szolnok and beside river Tisza.

Main purpose of the project was to fullfill all fertilizer demand of the hungarian agriculture segment.

At the beginning of the 90’s privatisation started and Henkel acquired the washing powder division all together with its wellknown brand name TOMI. Pigment plant was bought by Holland Colors in 1992.

The State owner has published the industrial plant for privatisation twice without having selected a winner to tender. Finally the third tender introduction was succeed and Bige Holding Kft. has acquired Tiszamenti Vegyiművek Rt.

At 2004. Tiszamenti Vegyiművek Rt. was merged into Bige Holding Kft. and since then company has been operating under this name. Over the past 20 years Bige Holding Kft. has been producing NPK fertilizers, SA, CSA, oleum and synthetic cryolite.